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Garden Supplies

Whether it’s our fabulous seed supply, wonderful organic fertilizer choices, or expert advice, let Van Atta’s garden-1.jpgstaff and selection make gardening and landscaping stress free and enjoyable. We have watering supplies, pesticides (both chemical and organic), hand tools, gloves and gardening shoes, and everything else you could need to make your garden grow! Popular brands we carry include Espoma, Dairy Doo, Baccto, Bonide, Jack's Classic, Hart Seed, and Botanical Interest seeds. We take pride in offering a nice selection of organic and pollinator friendly products.

Bulk Soil and Mulch:
(per cubic yard)
Wood Chips: $24.00
Hardwood Shredded Bark: $30.00
Red Colorized Shredded Bark: $35.00
Cedar Shredded Bark: $38.00
Top Soil: $25.00
Bagged Soil and Mulch: 
Wood Chips: $5.99   
Hardwood Shredded Bark: $5.99
Red Colorized Mulch: $5.99     
Cedar Shredded Bark: $5.99       
 Peat moss: 2.2cu ft $12.99      3.8 cu ft $15.99          
Dairy Doo Compost Manure: 1 cu ft $7.99                    
Dair Doo Topsoil: 1 cu ft $4.99
Baccto Professional Mix: 2 cu ft $12.99
Baccto Lite Potting Soil: 40 qts $8.99
Garden Magic Black Top Soil: 40 lb bag $3.99  
Garden Magic Compost & Manure: 40 lb bag $3.99
Cypress Mulch: 3 cu ft $6.99
Pine Bark Nuggets: 3 cu ft
Black Mulch: 3 cu ft $7.99
Play Sand: 50 lb bag $3.99 
Straw Bale: $5.99
Pine Need Bale: $8.99
Garden Edging:
Aluminum Edging $14.99 per 8' length  ( Mill, Green, and Bronze options available)
Stakes: $1.10 each
Edge Pro Poly Edging: $17.99 per 20' length (includes stake kit)